A light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train!

I immediately began researching doctors in the area. I live near a decent-sized city, so I was hoping to have plenty of options for holistic care. I narrowed my research down by focusing on female wellness, insomnia, and hormonal issues. I perused websites to further whittle down the list, and then called and “interviewed” the practice with a list of questions. Both my husband and I prayed extensively over this process. We felt that choosing the right doctor was paramount!

After a few weeks of prayer and research, I ended up making a free consultation appointment with Dr. Kenneth Haas of Haas Wellness Center. I had some forms to fill out prior to the consult, and he met with me for around 20 minutes. He had already read my history, so I got to the bottom line quickly. “Can you help me?” His answer was yes and he gave me some information to read over and discuss with my husband.

I took the information, read every word of it and perused his website. What struck me most though, was a comment from one of his employees. She looked at me and said, “I was in your shoes last year and he helped me so much, I got a job here.” That spoke volumes to me. We finally decided to give Dr. Haas a try. I scheduled a 2 hour work-up session for December of 2012. Numerous tests were run and a follow-up appointment was made to discuss my specific protocol. No two people are alike, so protocols vary from person to person. This was the type of care I needed: honed in on what my body was doing or not doing in my case.

My follow-up appointment was daunting. In the words of Dr. Haas, “Your body has basically shut down.” I was struggling with multiple food allergies – even with my clean, organic diet – a taxed liver, heavy metals, severe adrenal fatigue, low progesterone/high cortisol (in the evening)/estrogen dominance, blood sugar imbalance, and all of my other organs, including my heart, were working over time just to get me through the day. This is a summary of his explanation: “Your body is going to do what it is designed to do, so if it has to rob from another organ or part to complete it’s job, it will do that.” Since my adrenals were so taxed, they were robbing from my thyroid. The thyroid and pituitary gland are the last to go, then you’re in crisis mode. My thyroid was compromised, so it wouldn’t be long until my pituitary faltered, if it hadn’t started already. It was imperative that I began treatment.

The protocol included a specific low-carb, high protein diet with a long list of foods I was to avoid, based on my work-up. The main offenders were gluten/wheat, dairy, a little raw dairy was ok as long as I could tolerate it, all nuts/seeds (NO MORE ALMOND BUTTER!), soy, all sugar, including fruit and potatoes, and so many others, I can’t recall! I had to stick completely to whole foods, increase my fat intake – crucial for hormone balance and repair – drink a specific amount of water, daily dry brushing, detox baths four times a week, daily rebounding – working up to 30 minutes and lights out at 10 pm. In addition, a host of supplements to get my body back in balance. Wow. It was a full-time job just to keep up with my stuff! In addition, I had weekly appointments for 3 months where I would receive a┬áchiropractic adjustment, muscle testing, color therapy, allergy re-programming, and an ionic foot detox bath.

I scheduled my first appointment for early January 2013.


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